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I. Definitions


The terms are defined as folllows: 


1. Customer - A person, company or an organizational unit, who makes orders as part of the Shop.

2. Civil Code – the bill from 23 april 1964 r. (Dz. U. Nr 16, poz. 93 ze zm.);

3. Terms and Conditions – the following regulations for electronic services provided by the Turbokolor online shop.

4. Internet Shop (Shop) – the internet site available at shop.turbokolor.com, by means of which the customer can among other things palce Orders. 

5. Products – the products available on the online shop

6. Sales Agreement – a sales agreement by Turbokolor as understood by the Civil Code, made between Turbokolor Sp. z o.o. and the Customer, by the means ofthe Internet Shop

7. The bill about special conditions of customer sales – the bill from 27 july 2002 r. about special conditions of customer sales, and changes to the Civil Code (Dz. U. Nr 141, poz. 1176 ze zm.)

8. The bill of electronic service providing – the bill from 18 july 2002 r. (Dz. U. Nr 144, poz. 1204 ze zm.);

9. Order – the statement of the customer leading directly to a Sales Agreement, which striclty defines the type and quantity of the Products. 



II. General Conditions


2.1 The following conditions defince the rules of using the online shop available at shop.turbokolor.com

2.2. The following conditions are the conditions mentioned in art. 8 of  The bill of electronic service providing

2.3. The online shop runs under the address of Rydygiera 8 bud 6c, 3rd floor, 01-793 Warsaw Poland and is run by Turbokolor sp. z o.o. with headquarters at the same address and registerd in the general business registry under the number KRS: 0000289239, REGON: 141115308, and tax number: 525-240-76-37

2.4 The following terms especially specifies: 

a) the rules of registering and using an account as part of the online shop

b) the conditions and rules of electronicaly placing Orders as part of the online shop.

2.5. In accoradnace to the general laws the Shop can restrict providing service by the use of the Shop to individuals under 18 years old. In such a case the potrential customers will be informed of this fact. 

2.6 At any point of using this website the customers can access the Terms and Conditions document using a link available on all pages of shop.turbokolor.com, save and print it.

2.7. Information about Products presented on the pages of this interner Shop, and especially their descriptions, technical parameters and prices are an invitation to making a Sales Agreement as defined in art 71 of the Civil Code


III. The rules of using the Online Shop


3.1  The prerequsite for using the Online Shop is registering an account

3.2  Registration occurs by filling out and accepting the registration form available as part of the Online Shop

3.3. To register one has to accept the Terms and Conditions of the shop and provide required personal details.

3.4. Turbokolor sp. z o.o. can remove a Customer account, as well as restrict a Customer access to a part or all of the online shop if the Customer has violatedthe Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop. Especially if the Customer:

a) during registration provided personal data that is untrue, incorect or out of date, especially if such data infers on the rights of other parties.

b) using the Online Shop has violated the rights of other parties, especially the personal property of othe Customers of the Online Shop

c) has behaved in a way that Turbokolor sp. z o.o. deems as breaking the law, the rules of using the world wide web or hurting the good name of Turbokolor sp. z o.o. 

3.5 A person whoose account has been suspended or terminated cannot re-register for the online shop without the prior agreement from Turbokolor sp. z o.o.

3.6 To provide the security of movement of information and data, we use technical and organizatonal means appropriate to the level of risk. We especially take means against unauthorised personal data access and modification of transmitted data.  

3.7 We require the Customer to:

a) not provide and not transmit information that is ilegal.

b) use the Online Shop in a way which doesn't interfere with its functioning

c) not distribute unwanted advertising materials as part of the shop (spam)

d) use the Online Shop in a way undisturbing to other customers or Turbokolor sp. z o.o.

e) use all the information provided in the Online Shop only for personal use

f) using the Online Shop in agreement with the laws of the Republic of Poland, the Terms and Conditions of ths shop  and the general rules of using the world wide web.


IV. Entering into a Sales Agreement


4.1 To enter into a Sales Agreement by the means of the Online Shop the Customer has to open the website at shop.turbokolor.com, make a selection of Products and their size by reacting to the information displayed and available on the website.

4.2 The selection of Products to be ordered by a Customer is done by adding them to the basket

4.3 During the Order placement - untill the moment of pressing the "Order" button - the Customer has the ability to modify the information about the chosen Products. To do so the Customer has to follow the instructions and information displayed on the website

4.4. After the Customer provides all the required informaton the Shop will display a summaty of the order. The summary will contain:

a) The Products of the Order

b) The unit and total price of the products or services, including the costs of transport and any other costs (if applicable)

c) The chosen payment method

d) The chosen delivery method

4.5. To submit the Order it is required to accept the Terms and Conditions, provide all necessary data, and pressing the "Order" button

4.6.  The submission of the order is a reflection of the will of the Customer to enter into a Sales Agreement with Turbokolor sp. z o.o. as defined in these Terms and Conditions

4.7. After submitting the order, the Customer will receive an email containg all the important aspects of the Order.

4.8. The Sales Agreement is treated as valid after the Customer has received the email mentioned above.

4.9. The Sales Agreement language is polish and is in accordance to these Terms and Conditions 


V. Delivery


5.1. The deliery is done to the address provided by the Customer during the submission of the Order

5.2. The delivery is done using a courier company and the cost is 10 Euro for deliveries within EU. For deliveries outside the EU please contact the Customer Service.

5.3. The time to ship the package is between 2 to 5 days from the moment of placing the Order.

5.4. The customer receives a fiscal recepit in Polish Zloty in all delivered packages. 


VI. Pricing and payment methods


6.1. The prices of the goods are provided in Eur currency and include all components, especially the VAT (with information about its rate). 

6.2. The customer can pay using: 

a) the bank transfer using the details below:

PL14 1090 1883 0000 0001 1578 8441

Bank Details:
Account holder:
Turbokolor sp. z o.o.
Ul. Wólczyńska 133
01-919 WARSAW

b) payment using PayPal to info@turbokolor.com


VII. Terminating the Sales Agreement


7.1 Each Customer has the right - in accordance to the current laws - to terminate the Sales Agreement, without providing a reason within 14 of receiving the ordered Products. To terminate the Sales Agreement it is neccessarty to provide a written statement as described in the "Agreement termination" section of our website. 

7.2. The 14 day period is counted from the moment of delivery of the Products

7.3. In case of terminating the Sales Agreement it is considered void.  The unused goods should be returned imiediatly and not later than within 14 days. The products should be sent to:

Turbokolor sp.z o.o.
Wólczyńska 133
01-919 Warsaw

7.4. The Products to be returned by the Customer should be packed in a way that will protect them in transport. 

7.5. The cost of packaging and sending back of the Products is incurred by the Customer


VIII. Waranty Claims agains the Products


8.1. Turbokolor sp.z o.o. is responsible to the Customer for any discrepancies between the Products in the Sales Agreement and the Products delivered to the Customer as described in the The bill about special conditions of customer sales

8.2. All waranty claims should be written down and email to shop@turbokolor.pl. Turbokolor sp. z o.o. will respond to all warranty claims within 14 days and if it will not be possible to respond and inform the Customer about that in the same time period. 


IX. Warranty claims against electronic service providing


9.1. Turbokolor sp.z o.o. tries to ensure the proper functioning of the Online Shop. We try to remove all errors and mistakes reported by Customers in a reasonable time. 

9.2. The customer is required to imiediatly inform Turbokolor sp.z o.o. about all mistakes or erros of the Online Shop. 

9.3. Please report all errors and mistakes by email to shop@turbokolor.pl or using the contact form

9.4. Please provide your first and last name, email address and the type and date of the reported error. 

9.5. Turbokolor sp. z o.o. will respond to all warranty claims within 14 days and if it will not be possible to respond and inform the Customer about that, in the same time period. 


X. Final Remarks


10.1. All unresolved matters between Turbokolor sp. z o.o. and the Customer, will be settled in front of the appropriate court as discribed in the Civil Code

10.2. All matters not regulated by this Terms and Conditions will be followed under the rules of the Civil Code, the Bill of Electronic Service Providing, and other aplicable laws.